International Companions for Learning
Registration for students (108-2)
Deadline for registration: 12:00, Mar 13 (Friday), 2020 (open: 12:00, Feb 12)
Deadline for 'Survey for service': 23:00, Mar 15 (Sunday), 2020 (open: 12:00, Mar 8)
Announcement of pair-up results18:30, Mar 17 (Tuesday), 2020
Deadline for ICL Online Test (IOT): 23:00, Mar 22 (Sunday), 2020 (open: 12:00, Mar 2; click HERE for the test; click HERE for the test results)

Skype period: NTU Weeks 4-7 (Mar 23 - Apr 17) and 9-15 (Apr 27 - Jun 12)
School trips: NTU Weeks 5-7 (Mar 30 - Apr 19) and 9-14 (Apr 27 - Jun 7)
Final ceremony: NTU Week 15 (Jun 8-12)

 User Manual (All participants have to read and bookmark this.)

Feel free to attend one of the three  Orientation  events:
    Time: 12:30-13:10
    Place: Core Subjects Classroom Building, NTU (臺灣大學普通教學館)
    3/3 (Tue)    [Rm 103]
/5 (Thu)    [Rm 103]
3/11 (Wed) [Rm 101]

This is a national program under Ministry of Education. It provides an opportunity for international students and local students to match with kids from (mostly countryside) schools of all 22 cities in Taiwan, including the islands. The program activities include both weekly Skyping (about 40 minutes; fitted to the availability of the students) via internet and fully-sponsored field trips for meetups at the schools. Each international student will be paired up with a local (Mandarin-speaking) student who will assist with the preparation and communication. Two official certificates, one by Ministry of Education and the other by NTU, will be issued to students of sufficient attendance in order to recognize their contribution.

For international non-degree students (e.g. exchange or visiting students), you may join the program by simply volunteering or by taking the International Companions for Learning of two credits (curriculum number: Phys1039 for NTUAAU1072 for NTNU). For NTU degree students (e.g. most local students), you may take the compulsory course Service Learning (III) Social Service of zero credit (curriculum number: StuAct1008)

Either to volunteer or to take the course, you have to first  Register New Account  at this website, and then  Login  the account to apply for joining the program of the current semester. If you participated in this program before, please DO NOT register a new account again, and in such a case you should use your existing account to directly  Login  for the application of the current semester in order to possess higher priority for the choice of schools.

Documentary film 2016:
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Founder and course teacher: Prof. Jiun-Huei Proty Wu
ICL Contact:
Special notes for LOCAL (Mandarin-speaking) students:

The Mandarin-speaking students have to be qualified for sufficient English proficiency by meeting either of the following standards: 
a. achieving a (averaged) grade of at least 80% for freshman-year English. (大一英文平均80分或以上) 
b. qualified for waiving the course of freshman-year English (經校方核定通過大一英文免修資格; 詳見 大一英文免修施行要點). 

A local student who fails to provide the above proof about English proficiency upon our request will be removed from this program and will fail the course if she/he is taking one. (本計畫全程使用英文,英文程度未達以上要求的同學,禁止加入本計畫或修課。學期間將抽查相關證書或同等英文成績,未能提供者,本計畫將有權強制其退出、若有修課者將予以不及格)
Publish Date 2020-02-05
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