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Deadline for registration: September 22 (Friday), 2017
This is a national program under Ministry of Education. It provides an opportunity for international students and local students to match with kids from (mostly countryside) schools of all 22 cities in Taiwan, including the islands. The format of the program contains both weekly Skyping (40 minutes; fitted to the availability of the students) via internet and fully-sponsored field trips for meetups at the schools. Each international student will be paired up with a local student who will assist with the preparation and translation. Two official certificates, one by Ministry of Education and the other by NTU, will be issued to students of sufficient attendance in order to recognize their contribution.
To join the program, you need to first register an account at this website, and then login the account to provide your information in order to join the program. If you participated this program before, please use your existing account to directly login in order to possess higher priority for the choice of schools.
For international non-degree students (e.g. exchange students, visiting students), you may join the program by simply volunteering or by taking the NTU service-learning course (ICL) of two credits (curriculum number: Phys1038). For NTU degree students (e.g. most local students), you may take the compulsory course Service Learning (II) Social Service of zero credit (curriculum number: StuAct1007)

You must attend the following two events:
1.  Orientation  (attend one of the three below):
    9/13 (Wed)、9/15 (Fri)、9/21 (Thu)
    12:30-13:10 @Liberal education building, Room 201 (博雅館 201)
2.  Training  (attend one of the three below; a separate Google-form survey will be conducted):
    9/26 (Tue) 、9/27 (Wed)、9/28 (Thu)
    12:30-13:10 @Liberal education building, Room 201 (博雅館 201)

Documentary film:

Director: Professor Jiun-Huei Proty Wu
ICL Contact:
Publish Date 2017-09-01
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